How can organizations increase college readiness, access, and persistence?


How can philanthropies build applicants’ skills and strengthen the quality of their proposals?


How can cross-sector partnerships improve educational outcomes?


How can diverse partnerships build career pathways in their communities?

Equal Measure provides evaluation and philanthropic services to major private and community foundations, national and regional nonprofits, and government organizations.

Finding promise.

We are trusted partners. We elevate insights that move fields and improve outcomes.

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We are social innovators. We help translate good ideas into powerful change strategies.

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Renée Byng Yancey

Vice President

I am passionate about building superior-performing organizations, and creating strong, inclusive, and sustainable leadership pipelines.
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Reflections on the Options-NYCDOE Training Program Part Two – Assessing Changes in Participant-Student Interactions

In a new blog post, Georgia Kioukis looks at the Options-NYCDOE Training Program and the effect it had on participants’ interactions with students upon returning to their schools.

From the Field

Communicating Amidst Complexity: Principles to Guide Developmental Evaluators

In a new blog post, Equal Measure president Meg Long and evaluation consultant Clare Nolan share their insight into how and when to communicate evaluation findings, and how to articulate the principles that guide a team’s information-sharing approach.

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