How can cross-sector partnerships improve educational outcomes?


How can diverse partnerships build career pathways in their communities?


How can thousands of people obtain high-wage, high-skill jobs in growing industries?


How can scholars from underrepresented communities advance in their professions & expand their networks?

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Lisa Aponte-Soto


I am passionate about culturally responsive talent management, and research and evaluation practices to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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How can cross-sector partnerships improve educational outcomes?

Check out our new vignette to learn how cross-sector partnerships can begin to shift civic infrastructure toward improving educational outcomes.

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A Foundation's Theory of Philanthropy: What It Is, What It Provides, How to Do It

In this Foundation Review article, the authors argue that philanthropic endeavors should be undergirded by a theory of philanthropy. Among other objectives, a theory-of-philanthropy is designed to help foundations align their strategies, governance, operating and accountability procedures, and grantmaking profile and policies with their resources and mission.

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