How can every young person have an opportunity to succeed in the college or career pursuit of their choice?


How can scholars from underrepresented communities advance in their professions & expand their networks?


How can “two-generation” strategies meet the economic, educational & social needs of children & parents?


How can communities build partnerships to support college success?

Equal Measure provides evaluation and philanthropic services to major private and community foundations, national and regional nonprofits, and government organizations.

Finding promise.

We are trusted partners. We elevate insights that move fields and improve outcomes.

Fueling change.

We are social innovators. We help translate good ideas into powerful change strategies.

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Justin Piff


I am passionate about creating a world where all people can succeed.
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What is Systemic Racism?

Race Forward has launched a new video series, What is Systemic Racism? The series focuses on topics such as the wealth gap, employment, and housing discrimination, among other issues.

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