Our Expertise

Our evaluation and philanthropic services are closely intertwined. Through our evaluations, we learn what works and how to shape highly impactful interventions and learning exchanges. Through our philanthropic services, we turn best practices into programs, investments, and communities of practice, while remaining connected to on-the-ground realities that inform all of our work.


  • Theory of Change development
  • Mixed-methods data collection and analysis, including Propensity Score Modeling and Randomized Control Trial designs
  • Developmental, formative, and summative evaluation
  • Evaluation training and capacity-building
  • Communications and thought leadership strategy development and implementation


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Philanthropic Services

  • Philanthropic program development, incubation, and implementation
  • Grantmaking and grants management
  • Investment strategy development and advising
  • Communities of practice, learning community, and network development and management
  • Framing and facilitation of thought leadership convenings


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Principles that define our evaluation & philanthropic services

  • We are interdisciplinary professionals, drawing on our backgrounds in a mix of fields, sectors, and methodologies to elevate cross-cutting lessons from our evaluation and philanthropic services engagements.
  • We remain nimble and flexible, fine-tuning our expertise in data collection and analysis, grants management, nonprofit operations, and network development as we learn more about the work on the ground.
  • We are thought partners, ensuring that our findings are relevant and actionable – with the purpose of strengthening the philanthropic investment and supporting dissemination and adoption.
  • We are culturally responsive practitioners, learning from the perspectives of diverse individuals and communities, so that we can deepen the nuance of our findings and sharpen our communications to the field.

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