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Kimberly Edmunds

Senior Consultant

Kim spent four years as a classroom teacher before transitioning to applied research, using qualitative, quantitative, and geospatial methods. Her career in the evaluation field spans eight years and has focused on a range of topics, including literacy, college and career readiness, postsecondary access and success, out-of-school time, teacher professional development, and comprehensive school reform. Pursuing her passion for learning and improvement, she completed a master’s degree in organization development and leadership in 2017.

At Equal Measure, Kim works on several projects that focus on education and career pathways. She serves as project manager for the developmental evaluation of the Linked Learning Regional Hubs of Excellence, funded by the James Irvine Foundation. This project examines cross-sector partnerships in four California communities that are working to scale pathways that blend high school, college, and career. Kim also works on a five-year portfolio evaluation of the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions’ Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund, which supports cross-sector partnerships in 21 communities across the United States, with the goal of bringing 6.7 million young people back into education and the workforce.

Prior to joining Equal Measure, Kim was a research analyst at Research for Action (RFA), where she worked on local, regional, and national evaluation projects. Kim has an interest in discovering ways to integrate geographic information systems (GIS) as part of mixed-methods research to illuminate the complex relationships between educational opportunity and structural issues such as residential segregation, concentrated poverty, and school choice. While at RFA, she used GIS in her project work, and participated in an Association of American Geographers project aiming to develop a research agenda on increasing the number of students from underrepresented communities studying science, technology, engineering, and math. Her manuscript emerging from this retreat focused on educational opportunity in her hometown of Philadelphia, and was later published in The Urban Review.

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all the hidden gems in Philadelphia for getting closer to nature. She has a deep appreciation for green spaces and completed a course on tree tending through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

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