Newsblog: Equal Measure to Provide Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Services for National Science Foundation’s INCLUDES initiative

Equal Measure has been engaged to provide technical assistance and capacity building services to support the National Science Foundation’s INCLUDES (Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science) initiative. The aim of the NSF INCLUDES initiative is to broaden participation in STEM, particularly among individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Using collective impact and network improvement models, NSF INCLUDES is developing strategies and strengthening networks that enable STEM diversity, equity, and inclusion programs to scale up to the national level. The initiative is focused around 40 multi-sector Design and Development Launch Pilot sites. Each site is a community-based multi-sector partnership that in most cases is led by a local higher education institution.

Working with its partners EDC and Westat, Equal Measure will interact with groups of Design and Development Launch Pilot participants to address how they can creatively promote broader participation in their local STEM projects, as well as help them shape strategies for common measurement around project outcomes. These activities include hosting webinars, conducting affinity group meetings with launch pilot grantees, and producing a range of Issue Briefs for both the launch pilot participants and the broader field.

NSF INCLUDES represents a bold and daring effort to radically change the STEM human infrastructure to promote inclusion for all groups in the STEM enterprise,” said Raymond McGhee, Senior Director at Equal Measure. “As an organization wholly dedicated to advancing equity, along with others, Equal Measure can contribute to the conversation as well as learn much about how to support transformative change in this area.


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